14 July 2005

Trash City or Trash Girl?

Slightly out of order, but I recently came across this link to a recording of the first ever gig I went to in Oxford, shortly after matriculation. Transvision Vamp at Oxford Polytechnic (now a university.)

October 1988 and I went up to Oxford, as a fresh-faced youth. Within the first couple of weeks, I made a good bunch of friends and managed to drag a few of them up the hill to the Poly for this show on 21 October. I Want Your Love had been a big hit, with Wendy James the trashy, slutty blonde singer adorning the music press and Top of the Pops. I'd seen them earlier in the year (28Jun88) back home, which was allegedly one of their first ever gigs (More to follow on that one).

I can't remember exactly who went, but I think Al, Fi, Steph, Katie Healey, maybe Viks, Marc Fearnett were all there. Can't remember who opened for them, and I remember them playing I Want Your Love twice, as they obviously only had the songs from the debut album and a couple of B-sides. It was a mix of pop, glam and guitars. Looking back, they wrote a few good tunes, but aren't going to be up there when we come to reminisce about greatness.


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For Wendy James 2010 photos and videos..

Go here




and here..


and 100 (yes) videos are here..


When a deluded ego and a cocaine problem collide..

See ya


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