21 February 2005


Kirk Brandon and his various incarnations - Theatre of Hate, Spear of Destiny, all having some vague kind of Nazi symbolism, certainly Wagner-esque in dramatic potential. By 1987, Spear of Destiny had achieved some commercial success, with the majestic "Never Take Me Alive" a hit single from the album Outland, which made it top 10.

This was another gig at the Liverpool Royal Court, in April 1987. There are bootlegs around of a Kilburn show from the same tour, which was broadcast on Radio 1 (I have an old, old tape copy). I went to this show with Tim Holden, I think. No idea who opened for them. The setlist was similar to other shows from the tour, running through old and new songs, and all the ones you'd expect. It was amazing how quiet it got through Mickey.

A weird bunch for sure, and pretty much just the vehicle for Brandon. Amazingly enough, he is out there gigging as well, playing shows with Mike Peters from the Alarm and other forgotten names from the 80s pseudo-punk crowd.
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