09 February 2005

Back for more

Ahhh, the mighty Echo & the Bunnymen. Sometime October/November 1985, I think, again at the Liverpool Royal Court. So many of my early gigs were there. More to follow in future posts about that venue and the gigs I saw.

I think it was the Songs to Learn and Sing tour, as that album came out in November 85, along with the single Bring on the Dancing Horses.

Anyway, the excitement of getting the train into the city. Buying my first ever smokes - 10 B&H, please love - in a sorry effort to impress my mates and look hard. We were up in the rafters on the top level, with its precipitous drop. I think I was with Fran Eyre, Si Gee and someone else - John Buzz, maybe? Support was the Woodentops (it was close to C86 times), who were pretty good, but got bottled off stage - hometown show for the Bunnymen and all that. Can't say I remember much about the show itself, apart from just how fucking cool Mac was. Ocean Rain remains one of the greatest albums of all and Mac is still an arrogant twat, if recent radio pieces on BBC 6 Music are anything to go by.

It wasn't the last time I saw this band, but it was the driver that started me off on seeing more live music. Thanks, guys.
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