11 February 2005

Damned if you do, Damned if you don't

Dave Vanian and his hearse. Rat Scabies. Punk gone goth with the album Phantasmagoria. Didn't make it to that tour, we were a bit scared of all the punks coming out of the woodwork. Instead, went to the next one, late 1986 or so, supporting the Anything album, which was pretty rubbish really. It did score them hits with Eloise and the cover of Alone Again Or. I guess by then they were comedy punks. It was at Liverpool Royal Court, lots of black, lots of dry ice, we were sitting in the circle. No idea who I went with or really much about it at all.

Astoundingly, they are still around! But just look at the toilets they are playing. No Rat Scabies, but Captain Sensible is back and as silly as ever. The undead never die, they just sleep more.

Wow - it's amazing what's out there on the net. This bootleg list even lets me work out the date of the show I went to - 13 October 1986. Hmm, wonder who else was there? Si Gee, John Buzz, maybe.
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