24 February 2005

Gaye Bykers on Acid

Or was is Lesbian Dopeheads on Mopeds, or Rektum, or whichever version of the Leicester grebo outfit which turned up that particular night? Grebo seemed basically to be dirty long hairs, playing sort of metal, all coming from the midlands, whether East (GBOA, Crazyhead) or West (Pop Will Eat Itself before they found E and dance music).

This was May 1987, some time after Everythang's Groovy and before Nosedive Karma. It was a Friday night, and they were playing at a real shitehole in Birkenhead - the Hard Rock Cavern, I think it was called. It was in some warehouse type building behind Hamilton Square and took ages just to find. I remember John B, Rob Hill, maybe Si G being there, no doubt a few others. Unfortunately, Crazyhead were playing the same night at Stairways. So, being fellow Leicester boys, GBOA trooped off to see their mates, not making it back to the club until well after midnight and of course being totally wasted. By that time, the "crowd" was down to about 10-15 of us. There was a broken amp and general chaos, Rob ended up falling onto the tiny stage while moshing, and yes, the band were technically crap, helping the grebo tag live up to its moniker of mediocrity. But, it was fun.

Of course, in those days, we had to go to school the next morning, on a Saturday, beurgh. I think I slept through double further maths.

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