08 March 2005

They Shoot Horses, Don't They

That was the classic, but somewhat cruel, headline that appeared in the NME or Melody Maker for a review of an All About Eve gig, along with a huge photo of Julianne Regan the band's singer.

So, what do you reckon? See the resemblence?

Anyway, this gig (12 Feb 1988) was before all that. All About Eve were one of the up & coming goth bands, along with the rather ridicolous cowboy-goths, the Field of the Nephilim. They'd already supported the Mission on tour, and this was one of their first headline tours. They'd also picked up a "following". More to come on those as this blog (and my life) progresses, but all good goth bands needed a bunch of scruffy gits hitching round the country ex-Army kitbags and going to all the shows. The Mission had the Eskimos, NMA the Militia etc. However, All About Eve were in the process of ditching their more goth routes and going folk on us.

I think it was my first gig at going up to the Mountford Hall at Liverpool Uni. I went with my girlfriend at the time, the virginal Iggy. We got up there quite early and there was a whole bunch of people I knew from my school and the girls' school too. There was some of the goth crowd from biology I'm sure - Tony Jones, Rob Hill, Fran Eyre, Tim Holden, Marc Fearnett, maybe "Bob" Varley too. Not sure if John B was with us. I'm sure Naomi & Lisa Acton were. Then I ran into Si McMahon, a ex-friend from years before, from who I heard the phrase "frig me sideways" for the first time that night, and Steve Bishop.

No idea who the support band was, and I can't remember too much about the gig, apart from going and having a bit of a jump up and down towards the end. Iggy didn't want to get down into the wrecking area. It was by no means full in there, and I do remember them playing Every Angel twice, as proved by this Set list

01 Intro
02 Every Angel
03 Candy Tree
04 Lady Moonlight
05 In The Clouds
06 Flowers In Our Hair
07 Never Promise
08 Shelter From The Rain
09 Wild Hearted Woman
10 More Than This Hour
11 What Kind Of Fool
12 In The Meadow
13 Paradise
14 Our Summer
15 Every Angel

I've got a tape of this somewhere, probably in the parents' garage, which I should dig out for old times' sake.

They'd already ditched the early really goth stuff, such as D for Desire, that got them signed in the first place. Instead playing some of that airy fairy crap that made the album and B-sides to singles round the time. I think I still have a box set limited edition 12 inch of "In the Clouds" somewhere, that I bought as a gullible teenager.

I'm not sure if I ever saw them again. Maybe a spot at a festival. As with what seems like every other sodding band I write about, they are still going. Well, Julianne is, anyway. Tim Bricheno went off and played with the Mission. If they played near here, I'd maybe go for a laugh, but I doubt it.

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Blogger Paul Timmins said...

Hello Rover, I stumbled on your blog while searching for All About Eve material and output. I not from your blog that you recall having a tape "somewhere" of the 1988 Liverpool Uni gig you attended, along with a boxed edition of the In The Clouds 12". I would be interested to know if you would like to sell them. Please feel free to drop me a line at paultimmins@hotmail.com


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