08 March 2008

Proper punk

I'd never been to the 100 Club before, famous for some of the early punk gigs. Met Ali outside Tottenham Court Road tube stop, and courtesy of James got in for free on the guest list. Apparently, Gallows had fucked over the touts the night before by leaving 100 tickets for sale on the door.

The venue has a really odd shape, with the stage along the side of a long thin room, so that it seems very shallow.

It was a fairly early show. The support band, Tortuga, were a dreadful hardcore outfit. Deep growling into the mike. The audience gradually wandered off towards the bars. It was generally a very young audience, with suprisingly fit women!

Gallows came on an were really good, inspiring a decent moshpit. It's not the sort of thing I would usually listen to, but I was happily surprised by the energy of the music. Frank croud surfed, smashed up a mike on the merchandise stand, tried to stand on the bar. They did a Ruts cover with Lethal Bizzle, which ended up with Bizzle diving into the crowd, to be pulled back by his security man, Big James.

The show ended with half the audience on the stage.


Blogger Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Alright Rich, re: 20 Flight Rockers, would love copies of those shows you've posted on Dimedozen, can't access it for some reason, so a link to Megaupload or any other file share site would be great, like yer blog by the way, nice idea, not sure about Gallows though, maan that Ruts cover of theirs was....not very good, might have to check out the grey britain album, cos I do like their attitude. All the best.

10/05/2009, 11:58  
Blogger Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Cheers for the 20 Flight Rockers link. Great Stuff!

11/07/2009, 21:08  

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